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About Balthasar Protect

Balthasar Protect was founded to improve the availability of protective equipment. Care facilities, dentists, doctors, veterinarians, physiotherapists or home care staff: we can provide you with protective equipment that complies with all the quality standards. The same applies if you work in retail or run a hair salon, your own beauty salon or a restaurant with pickup or delivery service: we can provide you with protective equipment that complies with all the quality standards. This way you can keep working while keeping yourself safe!

Our mission

We think it is important for everyone to be able to keep doing their work in a safe way. That is why, during these uncertain times, we are there for entrepreneurs who need facemasks to keep working in their sector. This does not just include professions in healthcare, but also in sectors that do not normally need protective equipment, such as restaurants, stores or professions in the care sector. So it is our mission to offer protective equipment to anyone that needs it. That way, we support continuity in work and everyday life.

The founders of Balthasar Protect and Balthasar Healthcare have many years of experience in international trade, which is why they can work together smoothly with Asian partners and the distribution network that they established over the years. This way, we can keep supplying the necessary protective equipment, even during these times of crisis.

Reliable facemasks

If your health is at stake, you want to use safe and reliable products. That is why the facemasks of Balthasar Protect all comply with the required quality standards. Balthasar Healthcare have known their partners for many years, and continuously checks the supply chain.

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